AlohaCare offers members the benefit of Native Hawaiian healing traditions


Nicole Pasia


As Hawaiʻi and the nation observe Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage month, AlohaCare announces Ke Aloha Mau, their newly launched culturally responsive services to target mental, physical and spiritual health. Beginning with Lomilomi and Hula, AlohaCare’s covered healthcare benefits will also include Ho‘oponopono and ‘Ai Pono.


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Ke Aloha Mau strives to provide unique and beneficial services in collaboration with community health centers, the Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems, and cultural practitioners. All programs and sites should be available to members by this fall.

“When envisioning Ke Aloha Mau, we reflected on how our kupuna have healed for generations and asked what’s important to the communities we serve,” said Francoise Culley-Trotman, AlohaCare CEO. “Traditional Native Hawaiian practices have long played a vital role in our local culture, and we honor that heritage. By providing services that resonate with our members, we can empower their health journey.”

The new, added services are available at no cost to all eligible members between the ages of 12 and 64 who live within the service area region of contracted sites:

  • Ho‘oponopono: Native Hawaiian balancing of relationships
  • ‘Ai Pono: Healthy Native Hawaiian food and meals
  • Lomilomi: Native Hawaiian physiotherapy and massage
  • Hula: Native Hawaiian physical movement and dance

AlohaCare partnered with Papa Ola Lōkahi to develop a statewide strategic plan to advance Native Hawaiian health services.

“Papa Ola Lōkahi and our Native Hawaii health care systems throughout Hawaii are excited by this opportunity to work alongside not only AlohaCare but also Federally Qualified Health Centers to uplift the health of Native Hawaiians and our communities,” said Sheri Daniels, Papa Ola Lōkahi CEO. “These services will allow communities to access and add cultural value to their health.”

Based on research and founded on Native Hawaiian health and wellness principles, Ke Aloha Mau services will integrate traditional practices to address disease management and health promotion. AlohaCare uses program evaluation strategies to monitor, track and analyze these services from the time of interest and referral, through completion.

Although these plan benefits are not part of the QUEST integration program and are not funded by Medicaid, AlohaCare is committed to covering the cost of these and other “Value-Added Services” such as adult dental care in order to address whole-person care for their members. VAS benefits must be approved by the Hawaii Department of Human Services and are designed to support members’ medical, behavioral, emotional and social goals.

The use of Native Hawaiian services allows members to continue the tradition of their kupuna and the practices that have been passed down for generations. Through Ke Aloha Mau, members can be inspired to have the best health possible and to perpetuate healing practices that align the body, mind and spirit.

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