What They’re Watching: Stephanie Rogers, Aetna Better Health of Texas


Eli Kirshbaum


Stephanie Rogers, CEO of Aetna Better Health of Texas, is focused on implementing creative new funding models to maximize the impact of Texas’s health care system. One example of this, she said, is her organization’s considerable investment in home and community based services (HCBS). This investment allows HCBS staff to be a “frontline monitoring system” that can tell the Medicaid plan important information about its members.

Aetna Better Health of Texas also has a program that pays for one of its Medicaid enrollees to become a community health worker. She emphasized the importance of this workforce in the care delivery process.

“Community health workers are really helpful in not only creating that continuity and making sure that what we anticipated happening is really what’s happening every day, but also just being out in the community and helping individuals access care …” Rogers said.