What They’re Watching: Jennifer Strohecker, Utah Medicaid Director


Patrick Jones


Jennifer Strohecker, Medicaid Director with the Utah Department of Health, is focused on the end of the maintenance of effort (MOE) in Medicaid and preparing for the end of the public health emergency (PHE). 


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She is also working on building out the Utah Medicaid Integrated Care (UMIC) plans, which she said received help from the legislature this past session. 

“An important aspect of our expansion project was a UMIC program which was an integrated health care program to align both the behavioral and physical health under one, unified contract. With these contracts, we have been able to address whole patient care where an individual is able to receive behavioral health services and physical health services in a more seamless delivery model.”

She said this effort aligns with the consolidation of the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services in the state. The consolidation will create the office of Integrated Health Care—run by Strohecker—to make a meaningful effort into integrating behavioral health and physical health into Medicaid care delivery.