Registration for “5 Slides: Gene therapy and the promise for rare disease” now open!


Eli Kirshbaum


Gene therapy has proven to be a promising treatment for rare diseases like muscular dystrophy. As these life-saving treatments enter the market, however, their high costs pose affordability challenges for individuals living with rare diseases.


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In our upcoming virtual conversation, “5 Slides: Gene therapy and the promise for rare disease,” we will host a panel of subject area experts to talk through gene therapy’s potential and some of the financial barriers patients face in accessing these treatments.

On Nov. 16th from 12:00 – 1:00 PM PT, Host DJ Wilson will moderate an in-depth discussion on this topic with Jennifer Hodge, PhD, US DMD Gene Therapy Lead at Pfizer, Ryan Fischer, Chief Advocacy Officer at Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, and Angela Ramirez Holmes, Founder of Cal Rare.

Each panelist will bring one slide that illustrates what they feel is a critical aspect of the issue and explain it to the audience. Attendees will be able to pose questions virtually, just as they can at our virtual conferences.

Register here for free to join us for this informative, forward-looking conversation!