Registration for “5 Slides: The policy implications of new medicines” is now open!


Patrick Jones


The pandemic has shifted the politics and public opinion on health care. Where cost was a primary concern before COVID, now access to affordable innovations is top of consumers and policy makers minds. So, as a return to normalcy appears on the horizon, the intersection of cost pressures and innovation in pharmacy is becoming a primary topic of concern in health policy. 

State of Reform looks forward to diving into this topic in our upcoming “5 Slides: The policy implications of new medicines” virtual convening. This conversation will take place Tuesday, November 16 from 12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern Time. 

This panel will offer insight into innovative strategies in reducing costs which could include formulary adjustments, strategies to increase the use of biosimilars, or other creative policy solutions.


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The conversation will bring together Cheryl Larson, president and CEO of Midwest Business Group on Health, Robert Popovian, PharmD, senior health policy fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, and Laura Minzer, president of Illinois Life & Health Insurance Council. 

Each panelist will bring with them a slide that highlights a question or topic they feel is key to the conversation. The event is free to attend, but make sure to register to join. You’ll have the ability to pose questions and participate in the conversation, just as you would at our conferences.