Gov. Dunleavy issues administrative order establishing Advisory Council on Opioid Remediation


Ethan Kispert


Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy issued Administrative Order No. 324 on Oct. 1 to establish the Governor’s Advisory Council on Opioid Remediation.


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Gov. Dunleavy said in a statement:

“Across our state, there are individuals, families and communities who struggle with the dangerous effects of opioid misuse. The Governor’s Advisory Council on Opioid Remediation will provide an efficient and transparent way to engage Alaskans regarding the management and allocation of opioid abatement funds.”

Opioid abatement funds are settlement payments that stem from legal actions brought against the producers and distributors of prescription opioids. As settlements are reached and the lawsuits conclude, the state anticipates receiving multi-year payments from various manufacturers and distributors. The governor’s office says the payments could start as soon as 2022 and continue for the next two decades. 

According to the administrative order, the 13-member Advisory Council will deliver a report to the commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services on Dec. 1 of each year, which will include input on how to manage opioid remediation funds, recommendations for improving community feedback on remediation needs, and any recommendations related to implementing an efficient and evidence-based approach to opioid remediation.

The governor hopes drug remediation will continue to head in the right direction with the installation of this advisory council. 

CDC data shows up and down numbers for emergency room visits due to suspected opioid overdoses. 

Data from the center on drug overdose death counts for Alaska showed a 18.4% increase from February 2020 to February 2021 with the count rising from 125 to 148. 

The state also saw a rise in overdose deaths from January to February 2021, with the count rising from 143 to 148.