Registration for “5 Slides: Gene therapy and the promise for rare diseases” is now open!


Emily Boerger


Gene therapy represents a new generation of medicine that shows great promise in the fight against rare genetic diseases. The potential long-term transformative benefits could reduce, or even eliminate the ongoing costs of supporting patients and managing diseases. State of Reform is looking forward to exploring this issue in depth at our upcoming “5 Slides: Gene therapy and the promise for rare diseases” virtual convening. The conversation is teed up for Thursday, October 21, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm PDT.

In this conversation, thought leaders will discuss the promise of gene therapy, how policy makers are responding, and what obstacles stand in the way of wide-spread gene therapy treatments.


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The conversation will bring together Dr. Jennifer Hodge, US Rare Neurology Medical Team Lead at Pfizer, Carolina Sommer, Founder of the Northwest Rare Disease Coalition, and Ryan Fischer, Chief Advocacy Officer at Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Each panelist will offer one slide highlighting a key question or topic they think is worth discussing. This event is free to attend, but you have to register to join us. You’ll be able to pose questions and participate in the conversation as well, just as you do at our conferences.