Topical Agenda for the 2021 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference is now available!


Kaylor Erickson


The Topical Agenda for our 2021 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference on October 26th is now live!

State of Reform pulls together practitioners, thought leaders, and policy makers – each working to improve our health care system in their own way – into a unified conversation in a single place.


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Our agenda is built with input from stakeholders across all silos in the Oregon health care system. We’ll be exploring politics and policy in health care, building a new workforce informed by the new COVID landscape, and where structural racism persists in health care.

You can view the Topical Agenda here to get a sense of the conversations we have teed up, and if you have suggestions for speakers, let us know!

As we continue to live in this new space of virtual conferences, we’d be honored to have you join us. Register today!