What They’re Watching: Melinda Estep, Health Management Associates


Eli Kirshbaum


Melinda Estep, Managing Director of Delivery Systems at Health Management Associates, says she’s focused on ways to promote and improve value-based care in Colorado. When we caught up with her at the 2022 Colorado State of Reform Health Policy Conference in November, she said she’s particularly interested in how to reinvest the savings from value-based care into “core services” like workforce and supply chain support.


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Estep is focused on helping providers determine how to best allocate these savings in a way that serves to ultimately grow their business. When reevaluating payment models, she says, it’s critical to have up-front payment like seed capital in order to invest in new resources.

“To me, it’s all about that reimbursement model, and there needs to be a little bit of payment up front so we can help create some margin for that reinvestment. Until we can fix this workforce issue, we’re going to always be fighting from behind. Abd we need to get in front of it. So I think, unfortunately, it does come down to dollars, and that’s reimbursement.”