What They’re Watching: Joyce Tapley, Foremost Family Health Centers


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” series, we hear from Joyce Tapley, who serves as CEO of Foremost Family Health Centers. As a federally qualified health center, Tapley said her organization’s biggest need is obtaining additional funding to continue supporting the safety net population. Namely, she recommends federal funding for increasing the reach of the health centers so patients don’t have long travel times to receive care.

Tapley also discussed how Foremost is establishing school-based health centers.

“During the pandemic, children of course were not able to go to the doctor on a regular basis. So being set up in a clinic within a school—a private school or a public school—will give that access to those children right away.

They’ll have a doctor on site, their parents can come, as well as the staff. But having that school base will allow us to reach the students much sooner and give them their regular medical care, their immunizations—which [are] a big thing—just provide those treatments.”