Keynote: Dr. Fred Cerise, President and CEO of Parkland Health and Hospital System


Eli Kirshbaum


We were honored to have Parkland Health and Hospital System President and CEO Fred Cerise, MD, open our 2022 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference last month. Cerise focused on the rising cost of health care and how the sector can lower these costs for patients.


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Cerise emphasized the need for policy intervention in order to address widening health equity gaps.

“That’s not what markets are designed to do,” he said of the idea that the free health care market will achieve sufficient patient-centered outcomes. “Markets are designed to create disparities. Markets ration goods based on people’s ability to pay. So why would we think that that’s going to be able to result in an equitable, accessible health care system for everyone?”

The full video of Cerise’s keynote is available above.