Detailed Agenda

Our 2016 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 50 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

9:15 AM

Morning Keynote: Looking Back on Reform, Looking Ahead to Progress: Sen. Ed Hernandez

Sen. Ed Hernandez is the Chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, and one of California's primary thought leaders on the topic of health care.

Sen. Ed Hernandez: Chair, Senate Committee on Health

10:15 AM

Integrating Social Determinants into Traditional Care Models

The impact on health from social factors is increasingly commonly recognized. However, fitting that knowledge into the traditional care and financing models is still a challenge. This panel will talk through strategies to do that, and where our collective learning on the topic is taking policy and industry discussions.

Michael Cousineau, PhD: Professor, Preventive Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine

June Simmons: President/CEO, Partners in Care Foundation

Rachelle Reyes Wenger, MPA: Director, Public Policy & Community Advocacy, Dignity Health

10:15 AM

Talking about Pharma Costs and Transparency

Talking about health policy in 2016 and cost trends has to include the topic of pharmaceuticals. With the topic becoming increasingly polarized and political, this panel will take a sober-minded view of the challenges and opportunities ahead related to "miracle drugs."

Byron Mickle: Senior Vice President, Navitus

Sameer Awsare, MD: Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Jonathan Freedman: Managing Principal, Health Management Associates

Terry Brennan: Director, Budget, Revenue & Pensions,SEIU California

10:15 AM

The Changing Role of the Hospital

The notion of putting "heads in beds" is an increasingly dated strategy. From bundled payments to direct contracting, hospitals are changing the nature of their care and financing strategies to adapt to shifting regulatory and market expectations.

Marty Gallegos: Senior Vice President, Health Policy/Communications, Hospital Association of Southern California

Dale Surowitz: CEO, Providence Tarzana Medical Center

10:15 AM

Stabilizing the Individual Market

With some high profile departures by carriers nationally, and spiking premium increases on Covered California, there are increasing concerns that the individual market may need new attention from policy makers. This panel will talk through ideas and regulatory changes that may come up in future discussions.

Greg Fann: Consulting Actuary, Axene Health Partners

Sarah Summer:Deputy Directory, Public Policy, Blue Shield of California

Mohit Ghose: Vice President, Molina

Walter Zelman: Chair, Department of Public Health, Cal State, Los Angeles

11:15 AM

Health Policy in the 2017 State Legislature and Congress

With the general election right around the corner, it won't be long before policy discussions take shape ahead of the 2017 legislature and Congress. This panel will talk through what to expect in key legislative proposals at both the state and federal levels.

Greg Hines: VP, Government Relations, United Healthcare

Tim Valderrama: Managing Director, Weideman Group

Bill Barcellona: Senior Vice President, CAPG

11:15 AM

Connecting the Housing System to the Health Care System

The expansion of Medi-Cal has brought new awareness to the role housing plays in stabilizing health status. This panel will discuss how the traditional health care system is integrating housing strategies into their view and implementation of whole person care.

Susan Lee: Senior Program Manager, California Policy Corporation for Supportive Housing

Jim Tehan: Regional Director, Community Benefit & Partnerships, Providence Health & Services

April Verrett: Provisional Officer, SEIU Local2015

11:15 AM

Addressing Trend in California's Health Care Costs

Getting a handle on cost trends is a constant challenge for the health care system, and one that is creating opportunity for collaboration and innovation. This panel will talk through where the pressures on cost are coming from and what strategies are being developed to meet the pricing demands of the market.

David Panush: Chief Executive Officer, California Health Policy Strategies

Hector De La Torre: Executive Director, Transamerica Center for Health Studies

Jim Considine, MD: CEO and President, HealthClaim Solutions

11:15 AM

Changing Nature of Payer-Provider Relationships

The relationships between plans and payers are adapting to the new needs of the post-ACA market. They are deepening as players are picking partners, and distancing where cultures don?t align well. This panel will discuss some of those moving parts as the care delivery and financing players re-assess one another.

Alan Bloom: Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Services, Care 1st Health Plan

Lauren Cover: Manager, Health Care Business Advisor, AKT

Carla D'Angelo: Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

12:15 PM

Lunch Keynote

John Baackes is the CEO of LA Care and is re-invigorating the organization during his 18 months in his position. This keynote address will highlight the changes at LA Care during his tenure, both internal and external, and discuss the vision for the organization moving into a new stage of the organization?s lifespan.

John Baackes: CEO, LA Care

1:15 PM

Behavioral Health Integration: How is it Working?

There is common awareness now that caring for the mental health of a person often has direct implications for the care of the physical health of a person. However, the integration of those two care models has not always been straightforward. This panel will discuss how strategies for integration have performed and what lessons have been learned.

Meaghan McCamman: Assistant Director of Policy, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates,

Kristen Slater: Southern California State Director, Beacon Health Options

Samuel A. Skootsky, MD: Chief Medical Officer, UCLA Faculty Practice Group & Medical Group

Paul Ciechanowski, MD: CEO, SamePage Health

1:15 PM

Consumer Activation and the Implications for the System

The role of the consumer can be a powerful force to transform the health care system, but that role has been somewhat elusive. This panel will talk through where consumer activation is impacting the system, and where its absence has been most notable.

Dianne Davis: Senior Director, Health Self Management Division, Partners in Care Foundation

Jill Gordon: Partner, Nixon Peabody

Margaret Tatar: Managing Partner, HMA

1:15 PM

Medicare's Transformational Vision

CMS has leveraged Medicare to be a transformational force during previous moments in American health care. With the implementation of MACRA ahead, are we entering another time where Medicare will be leading innovation through the entire system? These thought leaders will talk through the vision at CMS and what it means for Medicare and beyond.

Bill Barcellona: Senior Vice President, CAPG

Lisa Kilawee: Regional Vice President, Caravan Health

Pamela Penson,PhD: Owner, Adia, LLC

1:15 PM

Success Stories From Population Health

The health care system now has a few years of thoughtful implementation of population health strategies and tactics. Listen to what these leaders have learned from technology to culture from the experience of thinking about health care at a population level.

Michael Belman, MD, MPH: Medical Director,Provider Enablement, Anthem Blue Cross

Herb Fillmore: Senior Director, Market Development, Populations and Payment Solutions, 3M

Cindy Kelter: Deputy Director, Health Care Transformation, California Primary Care Association

2:15 PM

Identifying Roadblocks to Transformation

Medi-Cal was expanded in 2014. The ACA was passed in 2010. So, this latest round of reform has been underway for a while. As a result of these last few years of work and observation, do we know more about the roadblocks in our path? Are we ready to have a somewhat more clear-eyed discussion of what those roadblocks are? This group of thought leaders will take up the topic.

Arif Kassam: Vice President, Client Services,SamePage Health

David Wetherelt: Director, Business Development, 3M

Melissa King: Public Policy Associate, Los Angeles Child Guidance Center

2:15 PM

A Survey of the Whole Person Care Pilots

The Medi-Cal waiver approved by CMS funds includes significant funding for integrated care models and pilot projects underway throughout the state. This group of leaders will talk through the status of some of these innovative approaches to care delivery and offer a report on lessons learned to date.

Judi Nightingale: Director, Population Health, Riverside University Health System

Melissa Tober: Manager, Special Projects, Regulatory Health & Medical Services, Orange County Health Care Agency

Susan Bower: Assistant Director of Integrative Services, San Diego County

Lisa Chan-Sawin: Health Care Consultant, Transform Healthcare (moderator)

2:15 PM

Consultants Speak: Observations on the System

Sometimes, it's the consultant who can drop in to one organization after another than can see the full forest from the trees. This group of expert consultants offers their insights into where the market is going and what we can expect to lead the health care discussion in 2017.

Wren Keber: Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

Ron Mitchell: Partner, AKT

Dan Vincent: Director, Moss Adams

3:15 PM

Afternoon Executive Keynote

The Insurance Commissioner is one of the most important regulatory and policy voices for the insurance market in the State of California. Since his election in 2010, and following his 2014 re-election, Commissioner Jones has been a consistent voice for consumers, for access, and for transparency in California's health care system.

Hon. Dave Jones: Insurance Commissioner, State of California