Detailed Agenda

8:30 am Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities, which are focused on bridging the gap between the worlds of health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:45 am Morning Keynote: Beyond ACA: Transforming Healthcare for the 21st Century

Dr. Ira Byock is one of America’s leading palliative care physicians who has built a reputation as a national systems thought leader, as well. He has built a systems-level approach to reforming care delivery and financing that starts at the end of life, arguing that in order to improve overall, we must first consider the sorry state of dying in today’s health care system.

Dr. Byock serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the Institute for Human Caring at Providence Health and Services. Prior to this position, Dr. Byock held positions with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, served as president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care, and led a national grant program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Byock is the author of three books and has been a featured guests on programs such as 60 Minutes, PBS The News Hour, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and other national media outlets.

Ira Byock, MD: Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Providence Institute for Human Caring

9:45 am Integrating Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Physical Health

The health care sector and policy makers have found mutual agreement in the importance of whole-person care. The high prevalence of multiple and co-occurring disorders among high-utilizing patients often requires treatment for mental health and substance use. This panel will talk through the integration of those care models and lessons learned from this practical experience.

Emma Stanton, MD: Associate Chief Medical Officer, Beacon Health Options
David Mineta: President & Chief Executive Officer, Momentum for Mental Health
David Conn: Senior Vice President, Mental Health Systems
Pam Thompson, MD: Integrated Health Development Officer, Aetna/Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

9:45 am Initiatives at the Ballot in 2016

Some stakeholders have determined it is better to create policy and fiscal support for health care programs through the ballot box than the legislature. A series of health care initiatives are scheduled for the fall ballot that will make the point directly. Come listen to this panel talk through the questions on the fall ballot, and where that might take California health care in 2017.

Anne McLeod: Senior Vice President, Health Policy & Innovation, California Hospital Association
Janus Norman:
Senior Vice President, Centers for Government Relations & Political Operations, California Medical Association
Kurt Oneto:
Partner, Nielsen Merksamer
Tom Ross:
Partner, Meridian Pacific

9:45 am Market Consolidation and Consequences

The changing landscape of organizations in California health care is raising questions about the future of the system here. On the one hand, the vision of the ACA requires greater coordination and integration at all levels of the sector. On the other, some argue that diseconomies of scale occur when consolidation becomes too prevalent. This panel will talk through the economics and implications of consolidation.

Shelley Rouillard: Director, Department of Managed Health Care
Penny Stroud: Partner, Cattaneo & Stroud, Inc.
Tam Ma: Policy Counsel, Health Access California
Ben Mack: Partner, Moss Adams (Moderator)

9:45 am Regional Variation in Health System Innovation and Outcomes

Different regions are approaching care models with a range of strategies. This localization can lead to significant variation in experimentation and approaches, which can in turn serve as a laboratory from which other local leaders might learn. Listen to this panel talk through what’s happening on the ground in different corners of our state.

Jeff Grahling: Chief Operating Officer, California Health & Wellness
Corinne Eldridge: Executive Director, California Long Term Care Education Center
Suzie Shupe: CEO, Redwood Community Health Coalition

10:45 am Coverage and Access for the Undocumented

The challenge of extending health care to California’s undocumented continues, with discussions to address the adult undocumented population playing out in the capital this year. What are the trade-offs in this debate? Where are the philosophical divides? This panel of advocates and experts will take up the topic.

Richard Figueroa: Director, Health and Human Services, California Endowment
Anthony Wright: Executive Director, Health Access California
Ronald Coleman: Government Affairs Manager, California Immigrant Policy Center

10:45 am Policy Leadership: Democrats

Democrats in California’s legislature play a leading role in shaping policy in health care today. This panel of elected policy leaders will talk through where they see the road ahead regarding health policy and what the state’s fiscal situation will mean for health care in 2016 and beyond.

Asm. Jim Wood: Chair, Assembly Committee on Health
Sen. Ed Hernandez: Chair, Senate Committee on Health
Sen. Jim Beall: Chair, Senate Committee of Mental Health
Asm. Susan Bonilla: Member, Assembly Committee on Health

10:45 am Next Generation Payment Models

With so much activity in the Medi-Cal and Medicare space, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the innovation happening in financing in the commercial line of business. This panel will shine a light on the topic, talking through a series of approaches in the California market with some results on system improvement to share.

Rick Jacobs: Chief Strategy Officer, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
David Huether: Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Vera Whole Health
Beth Ginzinger: Vice President for Provider Joint Ventures, Vivity

10:45 am Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

The impact on our health from housing, income, education, substance abuse, and other areas is real and significant. In recent years, the science of social epidemiology and its ability to determine one’s health has moved into health care’s mainstream. Listen to this panel talk through how the sector and policy makers are responding to this knowledge, and the impacts that it has on the California health care system.

Sandra Rose: Director, Health Programs, California Health and Wellness
Tom von Sydow:
Vice President, Strategy & Platform Development, Surgical Services, Pacific Dental Services
Asm. Patty Lopez: Assembly Member, California State Assembly

11:45 am Redesigning our Workforce for 21st Century Care

From the new Kaiser medical school to leveraging telehealth for primary care, a range of strategies are in place to help build and support the health care workforce of tomorrow. Listen to this panel outline their visions and investments in the future of California providers.

Carmela Castellano-Garcia: President & Chief Executive Officer, California Primary Care Association
Leah Rosengaus:
Regional Director, COPE Health Solutions
Cathy Martin: Vice President, Workforce Policy, California Hospital Association
Zeth Ajemian: Director of  Workforce Planning and Development, Kaiser Permanente
Cindy Ehnes: Executive Vice President, COPE Health Solutions (Moderator)

11:45 am Policy Leadership: Republicans

The shape of the 2016 legislative session has already included fiscal questions related to Medi-Cal and managed care organizations. That means the minority Republicans are in a position to hold out-sized sway this year. Come listen to these members and staff of the Republican caucuses share their thinking on this year’s session.

Asm. Rocky Chavez: Member, Assembly Committee on Health
Asm. Kristin Olsen: Member, Assembly Committee on Health
Asm. Marie Waldron: Member, Assembly Committee on Health

11:45 am Innovations From Employers Driving System Reform

Some argue that to fundamentally reform health care, one needs to start at the source of money flowing into the system. In many cases, that means keeping an eye on what employers are thinking about how best to manage their health care spend. Hear from these leading voices among the business community as they chart their strategies for improving the return on investment from their health care dollars.

Paige Rothermel: General Manager, Large Group, Anthem
Lauren Vela: Senior Director, Pacific Business Group on Health
Patrick Pine: Chief Administrative Officer, RFK Medical Plan
Tom Woods: Counsel, Stoel Rives (Moderator)

11:45 am How to Measure Value in Health Care

Determining what is and what isn’t valuable in health care today depends in significant part on the perspective one has. However, what is clear is that as cost pressures continue to mount, finding a common methodology for identifying “value” is going to become all the more important. Listen to each speaker on this panel grapple with this question of cost versus benefit.

Brian Conner: Partner, Moss Adams
Mudit Garg: Chief Executive Officer, AnalyticsMD
Liz Helms: President/Chief Executive Officer, California Chronic Care Coalition

12:45 pm Lunch Keynote: A Conversation with Diana Dooley

Diana Dooley serves as Governor Brown’s Secretary of the California Health and Human Agency. She leads 13 state departments within the Agency, chairs Covered California (the Health Benefit Exchange) and serves as chair or member of numerous other boards and commissions. Previously, Dooley was President and CEO of the California Children’s Hospital Association.

Her comments will address the future of health and human services in California, with a reflection on the successes of implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Diana Dooley: Secretary, California Health & Human Services Agency
Greg Buchert: Chief Executive Officer, California Health and Wellness (Introduction)

1:45 pm Consumer Disruption: Myth or Reality?

For years, health care analysts have suggested deeper consumer engagement will help drive efficiencies through the system. In fact, a number of firms have created tools which allow consumers to do just that. Yet, the promise of consumer engagement continues to be delayed, or perhaps overstated. This panel will talk through the role of the consumer in health care today and whether the promise of engagement is more theory than reality.

Dr. Renee Dua: Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Heal
Sinclair Hall:  Account Executive, CareMessage
Mike Townsend: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, HomeHero

1:45 pm Sacramento Insiders Talk Shop

Knowing where the political or regulatory processes are heading is immensely beneficial to an industry that is the most directly government-dependent industry in America. These “insiders” will talk through where they see the conversation in the halls of Sacramento heading.

Bill Barcellona: Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, CAPG
Margaret Tatar: Managing Principal, Health Management Associates
Tim Valderrama: Chief of Staff, Office of Senator Ed Hernandez
Kelly Brooks-Lindsey: Partner, Hurst Brooks Espinosa

1:45 pm Medi-Cal 2020: Implementation of Transformational Care Financing

The waiver approved by CMS includes some significant redesign of California’s health care system, particularly within public hospitals and some county systems. This panel will delve into the details of the financing mechanisms that will drive that transformation, looking at the practical implications of the 1115 waiver.

Anna Roth: Chief Executive Officer, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Jackie Bender: Director of Public Policy, California Association of Public Hospitals
Stephan Betz: Director, Department of Health Services, Sonoma County
Lisa Chan-Sawin: Consultant, Transformation Health (moderator)

1:45 pm Lessons Learned from Managing the Dual Eligible Population

The Coordinated Care Initiative continues to offer both promise and concern to communities attempting to grapple with managing high utilizing members. This panel will address some of the successes of the program while pointing to some of the practical impediments to managing and coordinating care for residents eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Hilary Haycock: President, Harbage Consulting
Janice Milligan: Director of Community Health Programs, River City Medical Group
Martha Santana-Chin: Vice President, Dual Eligible Health Services Management, Health Net
Brandi Wolf: Policy Director, SEIU Local 2015

2:45 pm Hospital Leaders Speak to Strategies for 2016

This panel of hospital executives will be talking through the strategies their organizations are implementing across multiple initiatives and lines of business. This is a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading voices in Northern California hospitals as they talk through the road ahead for health care.

James Hereford: Chief Operating Officer, Stanford University Medical Center
Ann Boynton: 
Director, Payer Strategies & Value Based Contract Management, UC Davis Medical Center
Clara Evans:
Director, Public Policy & Fiscal Advocacy, Dignity Health
Delvecchio Finley: Chief Executive Officer, Alameda Health System (Invited)

2:45 pm Leveraging Technology for System Improvement

Technology continues to be an important means to the end of system improvement, but it must play a part within a larger contextual story of organizational innovation.  This panel will offer two deep dives into lessons drawn from implementing innovative technology as part of a broader set of organizational strategies.

Paul Ciechanowski, MD: Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Samepage Health
Albert Chan: CMIO, Sutter Health

2:45 pm Specialty Pharma: Costs, Benefits, and Consequences

New specialty pharmaceuticals offer the promise of cures once considered miraculous. As genome-specific drugs come on the market, that promise will only broaden. But, at what cost? And, at what consequence to the rest of the health care system? This panel will talk through these questions with varying perspectives taking a look at the issues.

Tara Ryan: Vice President, State Policy, PhRMA
Kevin Rhoades: Vice President Clinical Pharmacy, US Script/Acaria Health
Nicole Evans: Vice President, Communications, California Association of Health Plans
Shane Desselle: Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Touro University California College of Pharmacy
Jim Gross: Partner, Nielsen Merksamer (Moderator)

2:45 pm County-Led Initiatives for System Improvement

With a state as big as California, there exists a wide range of experimentation among counties in health care today. With the unique leadership role counties play, this panel will explore the various initiatives under way across multiple models of county-led health systems.

Dale Villani: Chief Executive Officer, Gold Coast Health Plan
David Pomaville: Director, Department of Public Health, Fresno County 
Kimi Watkins- Tartt: Deputy Director, Public Health Department, Alameda County

3:45 pm Executive Keynote Panel

After a comprehensive look at many of the different pieces of California’s health care puzzle, this panel will close the day’s agenda with a system-level look ahead. What will be the biggest topics of focus in the next 12 to 18 months, and how can our marketplace and policy leaders best prepare for the changing road ahead? This panel of executive leaders will talk through those questions in an informal dialog that will be worth sticking around for.

Peter V. Lee: Executive Director, Covered California
James Hereford: Chief Operating Officer, Stanford University Medical Center
Sara Radcliffe: Chief Executive Officer, California Life Sciences Association
Charles Baachi: President and Chief Executive Officer, California Association of Health Plans