MPCA working with providers to help patients retain coverage through Medicaid redetermination process


Shane Ersland


Michigan’s Medicaid redetermination process began last month, and healthcare providers are focused on ensuring residents are aware of any adjustments they might need to make to continue their coverage.


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The Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) held a webinar for providers on Wednesday to discuss the process and gauge the public’s response. Lindsey Schnell, MPCA enabling services and operations specialist, said the state is sending out renewal packets for Medicaid programs this month.

Providers will likely need to be patient in their attempts to work with the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) in assisting patients with renewals, Schnell said.

“We might be experiencing longer call wait times than usual,” Schnell said. “So, if possible, try to find a connection at your local MDHHS office to help avoid longer wait times.”

Patients who know they will no longer be eligible for Medicaid should apply for other forms of coverage before their final day of Medicaid coverage, Schnell said. 

Renewals for Medicaid and the Healthy Michigan Plan will take place monthly from June through May 2024. The renewal period can take up to three months.

“If patients are no longer eligible for Medicaid, they can apply for a Special Enrollment Period for the federal marketplace, Medicare, or through their employer,” she said.

Health centers can utilize MPCA AmeriCorps volunteers to help with Medicaid and marketplace enrollments as well, Schnell noted.

“They are trained as navigators, so they can help with enrolling,” she said. 

MDHHS recently created a navigation video to provide a timeline for notifications, renewal packets, and loss of coverage based on beneficiary renewal month, Schnell said.  

“They’ve also added an outreach and education documents request form,” she said. “That’s a new way they’re distributing outreach materials. There is a very quick turnaround for that. You can receive it within 24 hours of requesting the form.”

MPCA is partnering with Piper & Gold Public Relations to host a webinar to help health centers keep/get patients covered during the redetermination process on May 22nd at 11 a.m. Piper & Gold CEO Kate Snyder said it will review best practices to develop and disseminate internal communications to keep staff educated and prepared on Medicaid redetermination, outreach strategies to reach at-risk patients, and implement workflows to ensure staff are evaluating patient risk to provide support.  

“Our team has been going through different resources, websites, and social media posts to see what people are saying, and what areas are causing confusion,” Snyder said. “We know that 40-80% of people do not retain the information they’re told in a medical setting, so we want to make it simple and make sure they have the right tools.”

Those interested in the Piper & Gold webinar can register here.