What They’re Watching: Protect Texas Fragile Kids


Eli Kirshbaum


Protect Texas Fragile Kids advocates for children with complex needs and disabilities at the policy level, ensuring that this historically marginalized population has a voice in conversations around health policy. In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” video series, we heard from Executive Director Hannah Mehta at last year’s North Texas State of Reform about the organization’s main goals and how they are working to ensure Texas health policy adequately meets the needs of these children.

“We’ve found it’s very easy to marginalize an invisible population, and our children have largely been invisible up until now,” Mehta said.

“Showing up and being present in these policy conversations is really, really important to our families—both the changes at the federal and state level as well as looking at what should be an ideal policy situation for … the average population, individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs, Texas Medicaid the commercial population—across the board, we just feel like that’s so important and so lacking, and so we really are thankful for the conversations that State of Reform helps to provoke and create with this opportunity.”