What They’re Watching: Jonathan Dayton, Maryland Rural Health Association


Nicole Pasia


Jonathan Dayton is the Executive Director of the Maryland Rural Health Association (MRHA). In this “What They’re Watching” video, Dayton highlights MRHA’s priorities for ensuring rural Marylanders have access to health services. 


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Telehealth has helped break down barriers to care for Maryland’s 18 rural counties. Dayton says MRHA will be working to advocate for access to broadband in the next legislative session. 

“In rural Maryland, access to care is a huge barrier to care, of course,” Dayton said. “With [lack of] transportation, getting to a medical facility is very hard, so we’re looking at ways to increase broadband access and increase telehealth for rural Marylanders. Of course, with working, telework has been an enhancement from the pandemic, and it’s something we continue to focus on in Maryland.”