Gov. Cox names organizing committee members for One Utah Health Collaborative


Patrick Jones


Governor Spencer Cox recently announced the members of the organizing committee for the One Utah Health Collaborative (originally known as the Utah Sustainable Health Collaborative). The committee will be tasked with creating a dynamic framework for the Collaborative that addresses affordability, outcomes, and equity through the implementation of value-based care while giving Utah communities a seat at the table.


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The committee is composed of leaders in the health care world that represent all members of Utah’s health landscape. The members were selected based on their community mindset and “personal insights,” according to Cox’s press release

“These volunteers are generously giving their time and expertise to form a groundbreaking and workable approach to cost-efficient, innovative health care,” Cox said. “Utahns deserve this patient-centered approach and I’m extremely grateful to this group of talented individuals for taking on this important organizational task.” 

Here are the newly appointed members of the committee:

  • Gov. Cox
  • Rich Saunders (co-chair), chief innovation officer, Office of Gov. Cox
  • Ryan Morley (co-chair), partner, SpringTide Ventures
  • Scott Barlow, CEO, Revere Health
  • Greg Bell, president, Utah Hospital Association
  • Marc Bennett, CEO, Comagine
  • Amanda Covington, chief of corporate affairs, Larry H. Miller Group
  • RyLee Curtis, director of community engagement, University of Utah Health
  • Sebastian de Freitas, multicultural relations program partner, Select Health
  • Michelle Hofmann, M.D., deputy director, Utah Department of Health
  • Chet Loftis, managing director, PEHP Health and Benefits
  • Betty Sawyer, community engagement coordinator, Project Success Coalition
  • Oreta Tupola, community health worker coordinator, Utah Public Health Association
  • Sarah Woolsey, M.D., chief medical officer, Association for Utah Community Health 

Ryan Morley, co-chair of the collaborative and partner at SpringTide Ventures, said the committee will address lowering the cost of care in the long term with a 15-year timeline to attain the collaborative’s goal of a more equitable and affordable system.

“We need long-term solutions to be able to address the cost curve, to address outcome trajectory, and inequities,” said Morley. “We have stated a 15-year time horizon for us to be able to identify and impact those different areas.”

Morley said the committee members will be involved in the creation of the governance structure of the collaborative and serve as a “guiding body for community alignment and input” for the collaborative and its goals. 

“The formation of the organizing committee is going to disband when the collaborative starts in earnest,” said Morley. “Part of this organizing process is to lay a foundation of collaboration and meaningfully align, listen, and shape with the community.”

He said the committee will also act as a model for “innovation acceleration” by using models of payment and technological networks relating to value-based care to speed up the process of moving to a value-based system. 

Ryan Morley will be a speaker at our upcoming 2022 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up next week on April 7th, which will be held in-person in Salt Lake City. He will be discussing this collaborative as well as efforts to transfer from a fee-for-service to a value-based payment model in Utah. 

Many other committee members are speaking at our conference including Rich Saunders, Greg Bell, Marc Bennett, and others. Register to hear from these respected leaders if you haven’t already!