Texas Nurses Applaud Designation of $25 Million to Support Nursing Education Initiatives


Soraya Marashi


Governor Greg Abbott announced that the final allocation of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief funds, made possible by the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental
Appropriations Act, includes $25 million to support Texas nurses through loan repayment, financial aid for nursing students, and to accelerate innovation in nursing education.

“This is excellent news,” said Cindy Zolnierek, PhD, RN, CAE, CEO of the Texas Nurses Association. “These funds are much needed to remove barriers to new nurses entering the workforce. There was already a nursing shortage and COVID-19 has only made it worse.”

“Making an investment in nurses and relief from the costs of nursing education are critical to maintaining a strong and productive nursing workforce,” said Jack Frazee, JD, Director of Government Affairs at TNA. “We are pleased to see Governor Abbott thinking critically about these issues and providing tangible support for the profession.”

A coalition of Texas nursing organizations had previously criticized the Texas legislature for failing to take any action in support of numerous issues facing nurses in the workplace, including staff shortages, workplace safety and the cost of education, during the 87th session. TNA continues to monitor workforce issues and encourage state policymakers to support nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This news release was provided by the Texas Nurses Association (TNA).