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2018 Annual Report from State of Reform

DJ Wilson | Jan 8, 2019 | Federal

Who Is Behind State of Reform?

DJ Wilson | Jul 1, 2017

We're looking for event logistics help

DJ Wilson | May 6, 2016

State of Reform is growing.  So we're looking to find great, smart, talented people to help us do that. In particular, we're looking for folks that have experience in event management and development.  We are in 6 markets now, with five more coming next year.  That's a lot of events!...[ Read More ]

How We Build Our Conference Agendas at State of Reform

DJ Wilson | Oct 13, 2015

Our annual conferences are the cornerstones of our State of Reform initiative. They convene in one place the community we spend the other 364 days of the year trying to build and foster. But it's more than a one day event.  In fact, it's really like a 365 day event. ...[ Read More ]

Would you take your time to listen to this?

DJ Wilson | Aug 3, 2015

We are busy developing our agendas for some of our fall conferences:  framing topics, recruiting speakers and building buzz. Sometimes we get asked about the process of building these events, and everything that goes into it.  So, I thought I'd lay out some of our methodology here for folks to...[ Read More ]

Get to know State of Reform: JJ Lee, Managing Editor

Jon Brumbach | Jul 14, 2015

JJ Lee is State of Reform's Managing Editor. She leads our effort to provide thoughtful, value-added content and open source market intelligence on health care on the west coast, Alaska, and around the nation. We think the world of JJ, so we thought you might be interested in getting to...[ Read More ]

Why We Host The State of Reform Health Policy Conferences

DJ Wilson | Jun 1, 2015

The goal of the State of Reform Health Policy Conferences are to provide a framework for the discussion of the most pressing challenges facing health care today, by the most diverse audience of health care professionals possible. We engage all parts of the health care spectrum – from delivery to...[ Read More ]

Get to know State of Reform: DJ Wilson, President/CEO

JJ Lee | Jul 4, 2014

DJ Wilson is the guy that hospital network executives, health plan CEOs, and even the Governor of Washington himself calls with the toughest health care questions. With a heart for public policy and decades of Medicaid expertise, DJ has helped drive some serious policy change at the state and federal...[ Read More ]