About State of Reform: Our mission and values.

Our Mission

State of Reform is focused on bridging the gap between healthcare and the policy that governs it. We do this by engaging stakeholders from each of the many silos in state healthcare—including providers, health plans, lawmakers, and many others—and providing a non-partisan, policy agnostic space to discuss how to improve the healthcare system. Founded in 2011, State of Reform hosts over 20 annual health policy conferences and produces thought leadership focused on the most important issues facing health policy today.

Spanning from Hawaii to Illinois, the State of Reform Health Policy conferences are multi-silo gatherings of senior market executives and health policy leaders that foster productive, collaborative conversations about the complex issues facing the health sector, now and in the future.

Our robust thought leadership content is a leading source of policy insights for senior healthcare executives and health policy leaders, reported by our team of journalists covering state-specific topics in health policy.

With both our conferences and reporting, the State of Reform’s overall goal is to be a platform for stakeholders to share their unique perspectives from their experience in healthcare. We provide a foundation where collaboration can foster meaningful, lasting reform in the health policy sector.

Our Values

  • Welcome all voices to the conversation
  • Produce content grounded in facts, data, and evidence
  • Maintain non-partisanship
  • Illuminate the issues that are the most crucial in state health policy
  • Focus on community and the power of collaboration

If you’re interested in being a part of the conversation and contributing to the content we deliver, please contact us at [email protected].