Opening Keynote: Gov. Katie Hobbs discusses top healthcare priorities in Arizona


Alex Nelson, Hannah Saunders


Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs discussed the top healthcare priorities for her administration at the 2024 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference last month.

“The challenges in Arizona’s healthcare system have been building up for years, and many of them have simply gone unaddressed and ignored altogether.” 

— Hobbs

Community leaders in rural and urban areas have expressed concern about workforce shortages, barriers to accessing quality care, and the absence of transparency and accountability, Hobbs said. 

Hobbs said she is committed to addressing the shortage of healthcare workers in the state. 

“We can’t talk about growing a healthcare workforce without talking about the need to invest in education, from preschool all the way to (pre-medical).”

— Hobbes

To help address the workforce shortages, the state launched the Arizona Healthy Tomorrow Initiative last year, which ensures educational institutions are leveraged in the effort. Over $50 million was invested in the initiative to launch new medical schools at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University in order to double the number of the state’s medical students, and increase the number of individuals entering the healthcare field.

“Collectively, the Arizona Healthy Tomorrow Initiative will help us grow a healthy workforce that is from here, trained here, stays here and innovates here.”

— Hobbes

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