What They’re Watching: Heidar Thordarson, Castle Medical Center

Heidar Thordarson is the Chief Financial Officer at Castle Medical Center. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss improving efficiency and quality.

“Right now, Castle is going through a transition period. We’re looking at ways to improve relations with our partners, whether that’s payer-wise, trying to get better PQRS [Physician Quality Reporting System] reimbursement, trying to reduce costs of care, or working with our other partners like our rev-cycle partners. Cerner, we’re making a big transition with them where they’re helping us streamline our rev-cycle process and billing process. We streamlined our accounting process, we’re doing more centralized services to try to get more standards across the system. So we’re looking at ways to get leaner, more efficient, and get better information at a quicker pace so we can keep up with health care today.

The culture there is all about taking care of the patients and being a family-atmosphere, and taking care of the patients as if they’re your family, your loved one. That creates a high-quality care. It means that we’re going to take care of everyone, explain what we’re doing for you and it creates a culture that it’s not just getting the patient in and out the door as quick as possible, but it’s bring them in, take care of them, make them feel special. That philosophy and that culture drives everything else in the whole hospital.

We have two kinds of main themes behind it. One is, we’re tenacious and chasing zero, which means we chase zero quality issues. We don’t want any, zero medication errors, zero everything. So we want to be perfect in our quality. And then love matters, you know aloha, love matters. And that’s the key in the culture and how we treat people and how we treat our patients, our employees, our partners and everybody in the community. And those are the two big drivers to getting the award.”