What They’re Watching: Leanne Berge, Community Health Plan of Washington

Leanne Berge is the CEO of Community Health Plan of Washington, one of five managed care organizations providing benefits to Washington’s Apple Health members.. She joins us in this episode of “What They’re Watching” to discuss integration around social determinants of health.

“So, Community Health Plan of Washington is in the midst of a redesign and rebuild of our support for the integrated care model. In particular we’ve been very much supporting the community health centers indirectly, but we’re now at a point that we want to build a much stronger level of support with a team-based approach at our own offices as well as linkages with the community health centers in the community. And so, we had used a vendor in the past and now we’re bringing a lot of those services in-house. We’re building care management that are much more integrated teams that include the behavioral health component, that include the social component, that are very much designed around the whole person integrated care model. So, we’ve always been very much in support of that and invested in that particularly around our community health centers and we’ve always had the more traditional type of care management services but now we’re going beyond that. We’re looking at how we can fold in the integrated model around the social determinants in particular and recognizing that whether or not we’re in an integrated managed care region – you know like what we’ve been doing in Southwest – we want to bring that same level of intensity in terms of the full integrated model across the state. And we’re not waiting for the state to transform everything. We want to be a step ahead and really be ready to take on the more seriously mentally ill services, but in addition to that recognize that there’s a component for the social side and for the behavioral health services across our population. And we always have supported that, we’ve had a number of different programs, but we’re taking it to the next level right now.”