What They’re Watching: Les Ybarra, Anthem Blue Cross

Les Ybarra is the Executive Director of Anthem Blue Cross, Southern California Regional Medicaid Health Plan. He joins us in this episode of “What They’re Watching” to discuss the changes in the Medi-Cal population.

“Population is changing. You know I think the programs that we’ve run, we’ve been really in Medi-Cal managed care since 1994 and when we fast forward to 2018, we do have a lot of different populations that we’re serving. It’s not just mommies and babies anymore. We have very complex seniors, patients with disabilities, we’re really trying to tackle the homeless issues and being able to reach members where they are versus having them come to the different locations for point of care. And I think the reality is that’s really difficult when you’re dealing with populations that are very, they’re not easy to reach, they’re very difficult in some cases and also transient in other cases. I think reaching our populations to really make an effect and impact on their access to preventive care and disease management is a real challenge for us.”