What They’re Watching: Dr. Mike Rohwer, Curandi

Dr. Mike Rohwer, Executive Director of Curandi, joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about applying system science to healthcare.

“Curandi is a membership organization dedicated to advancing 21st century systems science in health care. And basically, what that means is that we use more complex networks in order to serve the patients. Putting the patients at the center of care using networks that adapt around every point of care to deliver what they need. That sounds a little abstract but it’s necessary in order to be able to match all the variety of changes that come out of a complex problem like health care.

We know from system sciences that unless the delivery system that is trying to manage and control the complex adaptive problem which we know of as healthcare, that it has to generate at least the same number of variations in real time to match the problem it’s trying to solve. And what we’re doing right now isn’t able to keep up with all of the stuff that’s happening biologically and socially in that field. So, Curandi is all about trying to make things more adaptive and more responsive to the providers who really need a break and who really need better support so that they can take better care of patients.”