Hawaii’s Medicaid numbers up 7% year-over-year

Over the past year, Hawaii’s Medicaid enrollment increased by approximately 39,000 people, or 7%. In October 2019, the state had 322,527 individuals enrolled in Medicaid. That number now stands at 381,661.


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During this period, HMSA ABD saw an enrollment increase of 828 participants, up 9% year-over-year between August 2019 to August 2020. AlohaCare ABD’s enrollment swelled by 10.2%, adding 585 participants.

In both Honolulu and on Maui, Kaiser Permanente’s enrollment grew by 29%, far surpassing growth by other vendors. Statewide, FFS lost 18% of its enrollment.



Medicaid enrollment numbers began to significantly increase in March and April as the state’s unemployment rate rose drastically under coronavirus pandemic restrictions.



Recent data also shows there are now over 300,000 Medicare eligibles in Hawaii.