OHA discusses 2020-2024 State Health Improvement Plan

On Tuesday, the Oregon Health Policy Board held a meeting to discuss the 2020-2024 State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), a tool that pinpoints and identifies Oregon’s health priorities and strategies to address unjust and unacceptable health disparities.

SHIP is used by groups such as the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), state legislators, state and local public health departments, education systems, housing and human service providers, and community-based organizations.


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The Public Health Division of OHA created the PartnerSHIP, a community-based steering committee, to develop and establish the vision, values, and priorities of the 2020-2024 SHIP. The PartnerSHIP evaluated the State Health Assessment, an assessment that evaluates population health and discovers what needs to be improved among Oregon’s health challenges. 

The Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) is leading the 2020-2024 plan and provides oversight and regular updates to any progress made and reports that to the public.

According to the presentation given at the meeting, back in 2017, the established vision of this plan was that “Oregon will be a place where health and wellbeing are achievable across the lifespan for people of all races, ethnicities, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, nationalities and geographic locations.” 

To gather feedback from the Oregon community, an online survey was distributed and community-based presentations were given by seven community-based organizations. Over 2,500 people responded with feedback on the health priorities that were most important to them. According to the meeting, the survey results showed that social determinants of health is one of the most important factors to the community. 

Based on this feedback, the key priorities of the plan are:

The presentation included opportunities to support CCOs and other community partners in the alignment between the CCO community health improvement plans and the SHIP. Currently, the group is looking at the 2019 State Health Improvement Plan that is still in place, and seeing how they should move forward with 2020 plan.

The SHIP intends to be implemented in January 2020. To review the full presentation, visit here