Amendments prompt Hernandez to table drug transparency bill

Today, Senator Ed Hernandez, O.D., (D-West Covina) has decided to stop moving SB 1010, one of the last remaining pieces of drug cost transparency legislation in the country.

“I introduced SB 1010 with the intention of shedding light on the reasons precipitating skyrocketing drug prices. The goal was transparency, making sure drug companies played by the same rules as everyone else in the healthcare industry.

Unfortunately, recent amendments have made it more difficult for us to accomplish our fundamental goal. After consulting with a broad coalition of working families, health advocates, healthcare providers, businesses, community organizations, and many others, I have decided to delay moving this legislation forward,” said Senator Hernandez.

“However, this is an issue that will not go away and the public demands answers. We will get it right. I will do everything possible to keep healthcare costs down for all Californians. I will continue to collaborate closely with those who care deeply about working families to ensure the people of California have their voices heard and concerns addressed,” continued Senator Hernandez.

Sponsored by the California Labor Federation and Health Access California, SB 1010 amassed a diverse support coalition consisting of healthcare, consumer, patient, labor, education, business and government groups. The work will continue to ensure transparency in out-of-control prescription drug pricing.

“We won’t be deterred in continuing the fight for this much-needed reform to keep prescription drugs affordable and accessible to Californians,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation Art Pulaski.

Hard-working families deserve to know the reasons behind their increasing healthcare costs.

“The voters are with us and will be even more so in the future: every new high-priced drug or unjustified price spike increases public attention and anger, not to mention contributes to rising health premiums,” said Executive Director of Health Access CaliforniaAnthony Wright.

SB 1010 helped ensure that healthcare purchasers are notified of price increases in advance and have the information they need to effectively negotiate with drug companies for fair prices. The bill received support from 74 organizations and was endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee and Fresno Bee.