Joint Commission announces new Pioneers in Quality program

The Joint Commission is launching a new Pioneers in Quality program. The announcement comes as Joint Commission is in the process of redesigning its popular Top Performer program, which was suspended this past November until 2017.

According to the Joint Commission, “ The Pioneers in Quality program was created to assist hospitals on their journey towards electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) adoption. Specifically, the program is focused on partnering with our accredited hospitals on their journey to use electronic clinical quality measures to be able to reflect their “Top Performer” status once again.”

The new program supports Joint Commission realigning itself to remain in step with CMS changes. The Joint Commission points to the new CMS requirement for hospitals to report at least four eCQM’s for the timing of the launch of this new program.

Key components of the new program Include:

  • Educational webinars focused on the eCQM journey
  • Comprehensive eCQM resource portal
  • Recognition categories for eCQM pioneers;
  • Pioneers in Quality Advisory panel;
  • Modified annual report focusing on the components of the program and the evolution of eCQM measurement;
  • Outreach through The Joint Commission’s Speaker’s Bureau;
  • Core Measure Solution Exchange® – a peer-to-peer solution exchange that will be modified to include eCQMs
  • Strong focus on partnering with hospitals to provide the highest level of quality care for patients and their families

This program launch is on the heels of another Joint Commission Announcement this week – the appointment of Ronald Wyatt, MD, MHA, as the organization’s first Patient Safety Officer.