Don't Call Us – We Got This

OneHealthPort appears to be having some challenges implementing a new technology upgrade.  This email went out yesterday to customers.

Tuesday, October 16th – 11 AM

The new OneHealthPort Security Service is experiencing extreme instability. Many users are unable to login. We are working to correct these issues as quickly as possible. Our call center is overrun with calls. We are aware of the issues and ask that you not call the call center. If we are unable to correct the performance issues we will be looking at a plan to roll-back to the old service.

We apologize for this disruption in your daily workflow and are working hard to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

To offer feedback about issues or concerns please use this link.

 For those unfamiliar with OneHealthPort, the organization serves as the single entry point for providers to access multiple payers for claims submissions.

OneHealthPort offers healthcare professionals an easy and secure way to access the provider sites of major local health plans, hospitals and other valuable online service. Rather than placing time-consuming phone calls or logging into several different web sites, OneHealthPort users can gain access to information from all participating organizations using one common security solution.