Great Live Blogging At The WSJ

Since you’re probably looking for a place to follow the Supreme Court coverage as closely as we are, we can tell you, we’ve identified most of the best outlets.  For our money, we’re following the WSJ live blogging of the event from multiple reporters in the courtroom.  Good insight and analysis on the fly, including this important insight:

Justice Antonin Scalia has a mixed record in Commerce Clause cases. He joined two rulings in 1995 and 2000 that placed limits on Congress’ commerce power. But he also embraced a broader view of that power in the 2005 case Gonzales v. Raich, saying Congress had the authority to prohibit seriously ill Californians from growing marijuana for their personal medical use, even though a state law allowed it.  The Raich decision is likely to be cited frequently during Tuesday’s arguments.

And this, which is making news already this morning by email:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy said the U.S. government has a “very heavy burden of justification” to show where the Constitution authorizes the Congress to change the relation of individuals to the government. His comments came as the high court tackled the central issue in the challenge to the Obama administration’s health-care law — whether Congress could require individuals to carry health insurance or pay a penalty.