Our friends at the UW Health Policy Center Initiative sent out an email today announcing their list of services and their areas of work and expertise. 

Patricia Lichiello, the Center’s Director – and the moderator of our health insurance exchange panel – reported on some of their outreach as well as their plans for the future.

Over the summer Aubri Wall and I spent time with you and others across WA State’s health system talking about the University of Washington’s health policy center initiative. We wondered: Is there a need for such a center? Would you turn to it for partnership on health policy issues?

The answer we heard to both questions is, “yes!

And “yes” is what we’ve been hearing from UW faculty, too, in the School of Public Health and in other schools and colleges. They are saying yes to working with you on the health policy issues you face.

So with all this enthusiasm, we want you to know that we are ready and able right now to join you in health policy work. We’re not an official “center” yet, but we’re well on the way!

I’m sending along a one-page flyer (attached) to introduce what we offer. And take a look at our Health Policy Center Initiative website to see what we’re up to.

When you need some health policy support, give us a call. Letʼs think together about how we can marshall our resources, interests, and enthusiasm to enhance health policy making in our communities and state.

Our best wishes to you and yours this holiday season and for the coming year. Stay in touch: we’re eager to hear from you.

Patricia Lichiello & Aubri Wall
UW Health Policy Center Initiative

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Patricia Lichiello, MA, Director
206-616-1064 / lichiell@uw.edu

Aubri Wall, Strategic Planner
206-685-1496 / aubriw@uw.edu

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Larry Kessler, ScD, Center Advisor
206-543-2703  / kessler@uw.edu

Aaron Katz, CPH, Center Advisor
206-616-5227 / garlyk@uw.edu