With all of the complexity, anxiety and burdens of wading through the health care system today – whether you’re a policy maker or a practitioner – it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by what’s happening in health care today.

Changing health care for the worse is easy.  There are a lot of ways to do that, unfortunately.  And, general inertia towards the status quo is likely something many would agree isn’t good enough.

Improving the system is tougher, particularly in substantive, impactful ways upon which many stakeholders can agree.

But here’s the thing:  it’s really important work, this trying to figure it out.


Because, when it matters, it really, really matters.

I know anyone reading this blog knows this.  But sometimes it’s good to remember why we’re all doing what we’re doing.

This video is from a young woman who went to the doctor for bloating, and came home with a stage three cancer diagnosis.  It’s a good reminder of why we’re all doing what we’re doing.  You can follow her last three months of dealing with ovarian cancer at her blog Am I Still a Girl?  Powerful, honest stuff.

We Won’t Be Defeated from Benjamin Edwards on Vimeo.