According to a recent American Hospital Association survey, around half of nurses have experienced a verbal or physical assault from a patient or a patient’s family member in the last two years. More than a quarter of those nurses said they will likely leave their position because of the violence they have experienced.  Texas is … Read more

In order to combat the healthcare professional shortage in Utah, healthcare organizations are focused on the recruitment and retention of workers. Experts discussed ways to bolster the workforce at the 2024 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference last month.  Cameron Wright, project director of presidential initiatives at the University of Utah, said the state … Read more

The Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) has identified several factors contributing to an unprecedented healthcare workforce staffing crisis, and is working to address them. The THA worked with its subsidiary, the Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development, to conduct a study on healthcare staffing projections through 2035. The study, which was released in October 2022, projects … Read more

Florida hospitals are struggling to supplement their nurse workforces as workplace violence and other issues are causing high turnover rates. But Florida Hospital Association (FHA) President and CEO Mary C. Mayhew told State of Reform that some relief could come in the form of training initiatives and legislation. FHA finalized an analysis in summer 2022 … Read more

After several high-profile shootings at healthcare facilities in Texas in 2022, including a murder-suicide outside a children’s hospital in Houston on Monday, officials are calling for legislation to support and protect nurses.     Rep. Donna Howard (D- Austin), a former licensed nurse practitioner and nursing educator in the state, has refiled House Bill 112 … Read more