As many Minnesotans’ access to healthcare continues to be impacted by workforce shortages, inadequate interoperability of healthcare data, and barriers in rural areas, healthcare leaders met last month at the 2023 Minnesota State of Reform Health Policy Conference to discuss the best solutions and opportunities to increase healthcare access in the state.  Kelly Asche, senior … Read more

Arizona currently has a total of 722 health professional shortage areas, which spans 395 facilities. A central priority for the Arizona healthcare sector is retaining the healthcare workforce, which was a topic of discussion at the 2023 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference. Workforce leaders discussed retention issues and strategies for recruiting young students.  … Read more

Health leaders met at the 2023 Maryland State of Reform Health Policy Conference to discuss several longstanding issues that the healthcare system has been facing: workforce shortages and hospital pressures.  Megan Renfrew, associate director of external affairs for Maryland’s Health Services Cost Review Commission, spoke on the state’s Total Cost of Care Model, which sets … Read more

Oregon lawmakers voted to introduce several health-related legislative concepts as bills during the upcoming session during a House Interim Committee on Health Care meeting on Wednesday.     Committee members voted to introduce Legislative Concept (LC) 929, LC 1496, LC 1498, LC 1605, and LC 2857 as bills during the meeting. Specific elements of the … Read more

In a recently released podcast episode hosted by Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) CEO Brian Peters, University of Michigan Health – Michigan Medicine Senior Vice President and CEO T. Anthony Denton said that continuing to address state health care workforce shortages and long-term sustainability of the state health care ecosystem will be top priorities … Read more

In the last week before their spring break, the Michigan House Health Policy Committee heard testimonies from experts about the status of workforce shortages in the state.  Persistent gaps in the health workforce continue to concern experts, who highlighted the need for building the workforce pipeline, starting recruitment in high school, and funding loan repayment … Read more

Health leaders from three corners of the country reflected on their experiences addressing the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years at the 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference. Discussions on the importance of addressing disparities with data, workforce reform, and more took place at the “How COVID has changed our health care … Read more

After more than a decade writing and editing this newsletter, 5 Things We’re Watching, in a range of states like Florida, I’m passing the baton to our managing editor, Emily Boerger. She’s one of the best and brightest among a super smart team here at State of Reform. I’ll have an occasional column, but Emily … Read more