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Eight policy solutions to improve Virginia’s nursing homes

| Oct 8, 2021

In an effort to address staffing shortages and improve quality of care at Virginia’s nursing homes, legislators deliberated over eight potential policy solutions presented at the Joint Commission on Health Care (JCHC) meeting this week. These included increasing reimbursement rates for nursing home staff, establishing acuity-based work hour requirements, and...[ Read More ]

Virginia Joint Commission on Health Care requests public input on 2022 study topics

| Oct 7, 2021

The Virginia Joint Commission on Health Care (JCHC) is one step closer to determining its 2022 study topics, which will help inform policymakers as they draft legislation in the upcoming session in January.      Potential study issues the Commission discussed at this week’s executive committee meeting include long-term care,...[ Read More ]

Three potential legislative health care studies coming in 2022

| Sep 22, 2021

The Legislative Joint Commission on Health Care began discussion on potential topics to study in 2022 and identified three areas of interest during its meeting on Tuesday. The Commission’s executive committee will then meet in two weeks to finalize topics, followed by background research and drafting study resolutions for the...[ Read More ]

Virginia considers public option and other insurance affordability strategies

| Aug 20, 2021

Virginia is joining a number of states considering a public option, among other strategies, to make health insurance more affordable for Virginians. General Assembly members of the Health Insurance Affordability in the Individual Market Subcommittee, under the Joint Commission on Health Care, met Wednesday to consult insurance experts on potential...[ Read More ]