On Monday, California became the latest state to declare a state of emergency in response to the monkeypox virus which continues to spread throughout the state.      According to data from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the number of confirmed and probable statewide cases was 1,310 as of Thursday, with the majority … Read more

Scientists have developed artificial intelligence software that can create proteins that may be useful as vaccines, cancer treatments, or tools for pulling carbon pollution out of the air.     The research was led by the University of Washington School of Medicine and Harvard University. “The proteins we find in nature are amazing molecules, but … Read more

Washington families will soon be able to get all members fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as health officials expect vaccines to become available to kids under age 5 beginning next week.     Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Michele Roberts and Chief Science Officer Tao Kwan-Gett provided an update on the vaccination approval … Read more

Despite staunch opposition, Sen. Richard Pan (D – Sacramento)’s bill to allow minors aged 12-17 to consent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine without permission from their parents continues to advance in the California Legislature. The legislation, Senate Bill 866, was introduced in February as part of a bill package intended to promote COVID vaccination in … Read more

With the 2022 legislative session scheduled to end next week, the Alaska House and Senate recently passed several bills related to health care.   The House passed legislation that would address dementia awareness, patient access to vaccines, people experiencing a mental health crisis, and access to telehealth services. The Senate passed bills that would address … Read more

Sen. Richard Pan (D – Sacramento), along with members of the recently-formed legislative Vaccine Work Group, recently introduced key bills to address shortages in COVID-19 testing infrastructure and misinformation related to COVID-19.     The work group aims to “facilitate coordinated action to promote vaccines and science-based public health policy” in the legislature this year, … Read more

Vaccination and mask regulations have been at the heart of recent political debate in Arizona. On Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order prohibiting cities and counties from enacting their own vaccine mandates.      Last week, more than two dozen Arizona Senators signed a letter asking the Governor to ban school districts from … Read more

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)’s COVID-19 Dashboard, California has the second highest rate of vaccinated nursing home staff in the country, behind only Hawaii. 79.5% of California nursing home staff are vaccinated as of July 18, compared to the lowest-ranked state, Louisiana, where 44% of staff are vaccinated. California also has … Read more