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Utah Republican Rep. Marsha Judkins optimistic about upcoming health reform work

| Dec 19, 2022 | Utah

Utah State Representative Marsha Judkins (R - Provo) shared her outlook for the upcoming 2023 legislative session with State of Reform last week, saying she is optimistic about making progress on health policy during the 2023 legislative session.      Judkins said she will prioritize the physical and mental health...[ Read More ]

5 Things Utah: Per capita cap, Rep. Dailey-Provost, interim health priorities

| Jun 11, 2019 | Utah

With the interim now in full swing, committees are meeting to scope their work plans for the next 6-7 months. It can be a busy time that will shape the scope of the 2020 legislative session. If you wonder how things can move so quickly in the legislature, it is...[ Read More ]

2019 Utah State of Reform: Keynote with Sen. Davis and Rep. Dunnigan

Emily Boerger | Apr 29, 2019 | Utah

We were honored to have two senior members of the legislature join us as one of our lunch keynotes during the 2019 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference. During the discussion, Sen. Gene Davis and Rep. Jim Dunnigan discussed the 2019 legislative session, the road ahead for health policy,...[ Read More ]