With less than 2 months before the start of the 2023 Utah General Session, improving healthcare accessibility will be a priority for state lawmakers during the 65th Legislature.      The legislature will consider 14 pieces of draft legislation reviewed by the 2022 Health and Human Services Interim Committee along with additional health-related bills filed … Read more

Q&A: Matt Slonaker discusses Medicaid redetermination concerns and how COVID will change Utah. Matt Slonaker is the executive director of Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP). He has been with UHPP for around ten years, aiming to bring every Utahn health insurance coverage and lower the uninsured rate.  Slonaker will be speaking on the topic of … Read more

The Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) recently held their annual conference, which brought together panelists to discuss Utah’s uninsured population and how it relates to inequities in our health care system. The conference touched on the many barriers to coverage for those who are uninsured and the investments needed to address those barriers.      … Read more