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Experts from UHPP break down Utah health policy

| Jan 18, 2021 | Utah

Utah had the highest increase in Medicaid enrollment in the entire country last year, according to Courtney Bullard, the education and collaborations director for the Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP). Stacey Stanford, UHPP’s health policy analyst, joined Bullard on a panel at UHPP’s annual Health Care Solutions for Utahns conference...[ Read More ]

Experts talk solutions to racial health disparities in Utah and beyond

| Jan 15, 2021 | Utah

Medicaid expansion and fixing pre-existing structural inequities are crucial to implementing effective solutions to health disparities, according to a panel of subject area experts at the Utah Health Policy Project’s Health Care Solutions for Utahns conference. On this panel, Jamila Michener, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Government at Cornell University, Ciriac...[ Read More ]

Intermountain's Greg Poulson on trusting science during COVID-19

| Jan 14, 2021 | Utah

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it both the “best of times” and the “worst of times” for science, according to Greg Poulson, senior vice president of Intermountain Healthcare. Poulson spoke about science, trust and COVID-19 at the Utah Health Policy Project’s annual “Health Care Solutions for Utahns” conference.  ...[ Read More ]