The Maryland Medicaid Administration under the Department of Health (MDH) is currently accepting public comment this month on its Section 1115 HealthChoice Demonstration Waiver Amendment. The amendment looks to establish statewide coverage of two pilot programs—the Alternative Destination Pilot and Adult Dental Pilot—by transitioning them into the Maryland Medicaid State Plan. These changes come after … Read more

Maryland Medicaid stakeholders met on Thursday to discuss the program’s next steps in light of what could be the last extension of the federal public health emergency (PHE), which ends July 15. Once the PHE ends, so will the freeze on Medicaid disenrollments, causing many vulnerable Marylanders to lose their health coverage.     “The … Read more

Approximately 1.68 million Marylanders—over a third of the state population—are Medicaid recipients as of Feb. 18. Beneficiaries are currently protected from being disenrolled during the federal public health emergency (PHE), which is expected to extend into July 2022. However, once the PHE ends, enrollees who lost eligibility may lose their coverage.  In this Q&A, Deputy … Read more