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Michigan’s transparency of healthcare data

James Sklar | Dec 8, 2022 | Michigan

5 Things Florida: HCBS spending plan, Erica Floyd-Thomas, Behavioral health funding

| Aug 9, 2021 | Florida

It’s an odd time in COVID. Public opinion has turned gloomy, with Gallup reporting that more people are pessimistic about the future of COVID and getting the disease than are optimistic. That’s the first time since January that more folks are worried than hopeful. Moreover, 1 in 3 vaccinated individuals are...[ Read More ]

Survey finds majority of employers support drug and hospital pricing reform

Emily Boerger | Mar 31, 2021 | Federal

A survey from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions finds employers’ support for health reforms – including hospital price transparency, surprise billing regulation, and hospital rate regulation – has increased over the past year. The National Alliance surveyed 151 employers/purchasers in March 2021 for their opinions on health reform...[ Read More ]

COVID, transparency, and LGBTQ-related bills teed up for Alaska’s 2021 legislative session

Emily Boerger | Jan 11, 2021 | Alaska

Looking ahead to Alaska’s 2021 legislative session, state lawmakers have pre-filed nearly 100 bills covering a broad range of issues. When session begins next Tuesday, here are several health-related bills we’ll be watching.     COVID-19 & Transparency: Among the list are several pandemic-related pieces of legislation. House Bill 4...[ Read More ]

California Assembly passes series of homelessness bills

Emily Boerger | Jun 25, 2020 | California

Amidst a busy time in the Legislature, the California Assembly approved a series of bills addressing homelessness in recent weeks. A press release from the office of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia highlights four recently-passed homelessness bills related to transparency, funding, and accountability. The bills have now crossed over to the Senate...[ Read More ]

Federal court rules against hospitals in HHS price transparency lawsuit

Michael Goldberg | Jun 23, 2020 | Federal

Today, United States District Judge Carl Nichols ruled in favor of the Trump Administration in a lawsuit filed by hospitals challenging federal transparency requirements surrounding negotiated rates between hospitals and insurers. Specifically, the ruling upheld a Trump administration executive order directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to require “hospitals...[ Read More ]

Banning: Direct Contracting

| Jun 5, 2020 | Texas

The coronavirus will force employers, both big and small, to reevaluate their employee benefits. Expect new market entrants like those described in the Business Insider article, as well as existing networks/practices to begin ramping up direct to employer (D2E) contracts for primary care services. D2E is similar to direct primary care in...[ Read More ]