Utah legislators have filed two bills, one in the House (HB 132) and one in the Senate (SB 16), both aimed at prohibiting gender transitioning procedures on minors.      SB 16 would ban minors from having surgeries, including cosmetic procedures, to address gender dysphoria. Advocates of the proposals say the legislation serves as a … Read more

Helping a child obtain a “gender transition procedure” could soon be classified as first degree child abuse in Michigan.     House Bill 6454, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Berman (R-Commerce Township) with a group of other Republican legislators, would place a parent or guardian that knowingly or intentionally consents to, obtains, or assists with a … Read more

Arizona has become yet another state to enact legislation restricting gender-affirming care for transgender youth, with Gov. Doug Ducey’s recent signing of Senate Bill 1138. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Warren Petersen (R–Gilbert), would prohibit physicians from providing “irreversible gender reassignment surgery” to any individual who is under 18 years of age.      In … Read more