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Banning: How health insurers can be heroes

| May 11, 2020 | Texas

There are few things that make my blood boil like the hypocrisy we continue to see from the health insurance industry. It has been well documented that medical services, elective procedures, emergency room use and hospitalizations have dramatically declined, yet health insurers continue to collect overpriced premiums from employers and...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Q&A w/Dr. Diana L. Fite, Contact tracing, John Henderson

| May 8, 2020 | Texas

This is hard. Staying at home is hard. Distance learning is hard. Watching businesses collapse is hard. Watching loved ones get sick is hard. None of this is easy. We are going through a collective trauma together. It'll reshape our society, our commerce and our politics. But, right now, when we're...[ Read More ]

Banning: On reopening the Texas economy

| May 1, 2020 | Texas

Our grand social experiment of opening Texas’ economy is set to begin today. No one can say with any authority or certainty whether or not Gov. Abbott’s plan will work or not – here’s to hoping for the best. Noam Levey with the LA Times does a fantastic job of...[ Read More ]