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Sacramento, California, May 23, 2023

5 Things Alaska: HIE RFP, Q&A w/ John Weaver, Health disparities

| Jul 20, 2022 | Alaska

A big thank you to our Convening Panel members who recently came together to discuss the issues, speakers, and topics that will form the agenda for the 2022 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference. We're getting close to finalizing our Topical Agenda, which we will release in just a few weeks! In this...[ Read More ]

Q&A: UAMS otolaryngologist discusses study on Alaskan children that found telemedicine greatly increases access to hearing care for rural kids

| Jul 15, 2022 | Alaska

Dr. Susan Emmett is an otolaryngologist and public health-trained researcher who leads the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ (UAMS) Center for Hearing Health Equity. She led a UAMS study focused on school-based hearing screening programs in rural Alaska that showed that referring kids to specialists via telemedicine provided significantly...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Dr. Helen Hughes, Johns Hopkins Office of Telemedicine

| Sep 29, 2021 | Maryland

Dr. Helen Hughes is the associate medical director for Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Office of Telemedicine and the medical director of Pediatric Telemedicine for Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  In this Q&A Hughes offers an update on her office’s work in the telemedicine space, the impacts of the pandemic’s resurgence, and challenges...[ Read More ]

Washington stakeholders discuss audio-only telemedicine rules

| Jul 12, 2021 | Washington

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) held a stakeholder meeting on new rules requiring health plans to reimburse for audio-only telemedicine services on July 12.  Stakeholders voiced concerns over language in ESHB 1196 -- particularly relating to what they felt could be restrictions on where services could...[ Read More ]

OIC to begin rulemaking for audio-only telemedicine services

| Jun 24, 2021 | Washington

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) on Wednesday released a notice of rulemaking to implement ESHB 1196, a bill passed this year requiring health plans to reimburse for audio-only telemedicine services. Beginning January 1, 2023, the audio-only reimbursement requirement applies to patients who already have an established...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Texas e-Health Alliance's Nora Belcher on the evolution of telemedicine

| Apr 5, 2021 | Texas

Nora Belcher is the executive director of the Texas e-Health Alliance. In a session with numerous telehealth-related bills, she has been busy at work advocating on behalf of bills that would expand telemedicine services for Texans. In this Q&A, Belcher tells State of Reform about the continually evolving area of...[ Read More ]