Results from a new survey indicate inflation and staffing shortages continue to severely strain Washington’s medical practice community and hinder patients’ ability to access care during a crucial period of recovery in the state.      The survey was shared with 5,000 physicians working in independent (non-networked) physician clinics in October and November. If actions … Read more

Pandemic related stressors led to an unprecedented number of health care professionals leaving the industry over the past 2 years and hospitals, nursing facilities, and other health care providers across Texas have been developing innovative ways to attract and retain registered nurses.     Texas requires hospitals to form staffing committees to develop plans and … Read more

As the legislative session begins, we invite you to let us know if there are any specific bills or topics you’d like to see us cover this year. Your input here is incredibly valuable. This newsletter features several health bills being advanced by the legislature, Will Humble from AzPHA’s thoughts on Omicron-fueled staffing shortages, and a breakdown … Read more