The Senate Health Policy and Human Services committee continues to focus on addressing the workforce shortage and expanding access to care for vulnerable and underserved Michiganders.  Last week, committee members discussed Senate Bill 811, which aims to extend the educational, temporary licensure of speech language pathologists (SLPs), and House Bill 4654, which aims to create … Read more

Gene therapy has proven to be a groundbreaking treatment for individuals living with rare diseases like muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. However, while emerging gene therapy treatments have the potential to be lifesaving, they are also posing significant affordability challenges for patients.  In our upcoming conversation on Jan. 18, “5 Slides We’re Discussing: Gene therapy … Read more

Gene therapy represents a new generation of medicine that shows great promise in the fight against rare genetic diseases. The potential long-term transformative benefits could reduce, or even eliminate the ongoing costs of supporting patients and managing diseases. State of Reform is looking forward to exploring this issue in depth at our upcoming “5 Slides: Gene … Read more

Senator Susan Eggman’s bill to create a Rare Disease Advisory Council is nearing the last steps of its journey to passage after clearing the Senate on Thursday. SB 247, which Eggman said is a “much-needed” bill, is headed to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk. The governor has until Oct. 10 to sign bills into law. The … Read more