Stephanie Ledesma is the vice president for Community Health at Kaiser Permanente, an integrated managed care consortium serving  Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries.   Ledesma recently responded to State of Reform’s questions about how the organization is preparing for the Medicaid redetermination process, their goals and timelines during redeterminations, and the challenges they are facing.     State … Read more

In this interview, Sen. Laura Fine (D – Glenview), discusses what healthcare problems her constituents are facing, how she’s addressing Illinois residents’ healthcare needs, her legislative bills that are pre-filed, and her family’s experience with mental health.     State of Reform: What are the biggest healthcare problems facing your constituents right now? Sen. Laura … Read more

Like hospitals and health systems in much of the nation, Maryland’s healthcare system is facing myriad challenges. These include a historic workforce shortage, unprecedented financial strain, and a behavioral healthcare crisis. In this interview, Nicole Stallings, Executive Vice President and Chief External Affairs Officer at the Maryland Hospital Association, discusses how the Association’s legislative agenda … Read more