A bill that would establish the Alaska task force for the regulation of psychedelic medicines passed its third reading in the House on Thursday.  House Bill 228, sponsored by Rep. Jennie Armstrong (D-Anchorage), would establish the task force in order to guide the legislature in the event of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) … Read more

As new psilocybin service centers begin opening for business in Oregon, many residents interested in using their products have questions and concerns. That might be expected for a health initiative that is the first of its kind. Oregon became the first state in the nation to legalize the supervised use of psilocybin when Ballot Measure … Read more

The movement to legalize psilocybin for medicinal purposes has gained momentum in several states, and ADAPT-WA aims to continue the effort in Washington with an upcoming town hall meeting.     Oregon became the first state in the nation to legalize the adult use of psilocybin on Jan. 1st, and the Oregon Health Authority issued … Read more

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has issued the state’s first psilocybin license as part of the nation’s first regulatory framework for psilocybin services.      Oregon became the first state in the nation to legalize the adult use of psilocybin on Jan. 1st. The manufacturer license was issued to Satori Farms PDX LLC, which is … Read more

Friday marked an important deadline in the Washington legislative session, as bills with fiscal impact had to be passed out of their original committee.     “Non-budget bills that haven’t cleared a fiscal [committee] by the end of Friday are left on the cutting room floor,” Gov. Jay Inslee stated in his Friday newsletter. “Exceptions … Read more

A bill that would establish a working group to study the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin has garnered support in Hawaii’s Senate.     Members of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services unanimously passed Senate Bill 1454 during a public hearing on Monday. Several healthcare professionals testified in support of the bill, which also … Read more

Come November, voters in Colorado will decide the fate of Proposition 122, or the Natural Medicine Health Act (NMHA), a ballot measure that seeks to legalize the therapeutic uses of psilocybin and other “natural” psychedelic compounds.      If passed, the initiative would legalize certain psychedelic plants and fungi as natural medicine for personal use, … Read more

The Entheo Society of Washington will host a Micro-Dose Mushroom Sit-in event on Saturday to raise support for the legalization of psilocybin in Washington State.     Entheo Society Owner Leo Russell said the event would serve as an innovative way to promote plant activism and help Washingtonians understand the value of plant medicine. “If … Read more

ADAPT WA members discussed an initiative that would authorize and regulate the manufacture, sale, and use of psilocybin in Washington State on Sunday.     The ADAPT WA political action committee was established to support Initiative Measure No. 1886, which would allow licensed Washingtonians to provide psilocybin products and services to people 21 and older. … Read more

In this edition of “5 Things We’re Watching,” we take a look at health-related initiatives filed with the Secretary of State’s office, new updates on federal health policy that could impact Washington State, and $47 million in grant funding that aims to increase behavioral health service capacity. Thanks for reading! Emily Boerger State of Reform … Read more