Florida’s Senate Committee on Health Policy met earlier this week to discuss Medicaid redeterminations, which will take place starting in April. The committee also discussed the procurement process for Medicaid managed care plans since the current contracts expire on December 31st of 2024. In Florida, Medicaid serves more than 5.5 million individuals, with about 25% … Read more

This newsletter features an overview of 2 upcoming ballot initiatives that have significant implications for health policy, a legislative update following the conclusion of the eventful 2021-2022 legislative session, and an overview of some health plans’ litigation against DHCS following the controversial announcement of 2024 Medi-Cal Managed Care contract awardees. Thanks for reading! Please don’t hesitate … Read more

Last week, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced its long-awaited decision to award Medi-Cal contracts—which become effective Jan. 1st, 2024—to 3 managed care plans: Molina Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan, and Health Net.     The 3 plans will provide Medi-Cal coverage across 21 counties. Molina Healthcare will remain in Riverside, San … Read more